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Dry Eye Clinic, LLC

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I had been struggling with chronic dry eye and eye allergies for years. It all changed when I found Dr.Dieter at the Dry Eye Clinic in Maple Grove. I had been to so many eye doctors and no relief, so I figured why not try this place. I was amazed, I had relief in the first week and as the weeks went on my eyes just kept getting better and better. The main reason Dr. Dieter is so different than other doctors I had been to is the amount of time he puts into each patient. He works so hard on each individual. He has always been there when I have questions/concerns or need help with my eyes. He is prompt and has put so much time and effort into solving my eye issues and how to make my eyes comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Dieter if you are struggling with dry eye. He has been so wonderful! Thank you so much for all You have done for me! I appreciated all of your hard work into solving my eye issues, there is no EYE DR out there like you!

(M. Vedders, April 26,2017)


I arrived at Dr. Dieter’s office with some hope, but little confidence, that anything would change. To my surprise, my eyes started feeling better sooner than I expected they would, considering I have had dry eye since 1997. It turns out that Dr. Dieter has invested many years in the exclusive study of dry eye and has a special interest in working with people who have difficult or complex cases.

I presented at Dr. Dieter’s office on August 18, 2016 with one eye so bloodshot-red it scared me to look at it in the mirror. If someone approached me on the street with an eye like that, I would probably cross to the other side! I arrived no longer able to use dry eye drops that I had used for 18 years because a sensitivity reaction had developed. Almost all other eye drops I tried stung or burned my eyes. I managed to find Hyaluronic Acid drops in March ‘16, and they seemed to help some of the time. But I needed to use it at least three times as frequently. My ophthalmologist wasn’t helping me to manage the dry eye and it began impacting my life 24-7. I didn’t know where to turn until I read a positive review of Dr. Dieter and his Dry Eye Clinic on a dry eye forum.

The only in-office test I was ever given was when I was diagnosed with a Schirmer Test in 1997. Along with the familiar ophthalmological examination, Dr. Dieter tested the meibomian gland function by gently expressing the glands along the lid margins under magnification. Based on his observations he recommended at-home exercises and treatment I could do and explained why they might prove useful. He also tested a variety of drops to see how well I tolerated them before recommending them.

No doctor ever gave me detailed explanations (encourages compliance with the recommended at-home regimen), or did in-office physiological testing (meibomian expression), or tested samples of various drops in the office before sending me home with them, as Dr. D. did.

We continue to consult via email and text. The first prescription drop I tried didn’t work adequately to warrant the cost. Dr. Dieter recommended a different prescription drop and so far it is working well. If this one stops working, there are other drops lined up for me to try.

I think the best thing I have done in twenty years of living with dry eye is to consult with Dr. Dieter. I still have the condition but it is much better managed. He taught me so much about dry eye and about simple actions I could take to get relief. Dr. Dieter, I feel deep gratitude to you and for the time you have invested in studying dry eye.

(D. Lieb, April 9, 2017)


                I’d given up on ever seeing clearly and without constant pain in my eyes prior to finding Dr. Dieter. Some ten years ago I had an episode of dry eye syndrome caused by too many hours working on a computer and staring at the screen. It appeared again in 2015 and was diagnosed by an ophthalmologist I saw for a cataract consultation. His only recommendation for treatment was over-the-counter eye drops. I tried every brand available, with no change. In 2016 I had bilateral cataract surgery by the ophthalmologist, who did not first correct the dry eye syndrome, which should have been done. Because it was not, the dry eye syndrome got progressively worse. I returned to him in October for blurry vision and dry eye syndrome. His only comments were, “Omega oils help some people, and just keep using eye drops.” He also inserted punctal plugs which did nothing at all.

            In desperation I started searching the internet for more information. To my delight, I found the Dry Eye Clinic in Maple Grove. I read his personal story on the Dry Eye Clinic web site which explained how he came to be interested in dry eye syndrome. That very day I called and was able to speak with Dr. Dieter, at last – hope!

            My first appointment was spent in the eye exam, some tests on the eyes, and insertion of various drops to assist Dr. Dieter in a diagnosis. Within minutes, literally, I felt relief from the feeling of boulders in my eyes! I left that day with a total patient care plan, comprised of several steps, to begin the therapeutic process.

            The next visit we adjusted this plan again, based on my progress. I will say some days were better than others, which Dr. Dieter had told me to expect. By my third visit my dry eye syndrome was markedly improved. By visit #4 my self-evaluation there’d been massive improvement. I was able to report there were extended times when I didn’t even think about my eyes!

            I know there is no quick fix to dry eye syndrome, and that this will be an ongoing process for the coming years as well. However, I am confident that I now have found THE eye doctor who actually understands dry eye syndrome and can teach me how to manage this condition as it continues to improve.

            Kudos to you, Dr. Dieter and my deepest appreciation for your help, your very thorough approach, excellent communication skills, and for your obvious care and concern for me as a patient. I can’t thank you enough. You’re one of a kind!

(R. Lewis, March 15, 2017)


I came to the Dry Eye Clinic, LLC 3 weeks ago after months of suffering untreated dry eye symptoms from two other Optometrists from different states. After the first visit, 90% of my irritable eye symptoms went away. I stick to everything Dr. Dieter instructed daily; and by today, the third week, my bottom corneas are improved from looking like sand blasted paper, gritty feeling in my eyes, no more sun and artificial light pain while driving, I am able to watch TV, working with my PC all day rather than just gave up after 20 minutes from the be able to enjoy the simple, endless life enjoyment I have now, again, using my eyes fully is something forever appreciative. Thank you Dr. Dieter!   (K. DiBartolomeo, December 14, 2016)


Dry Eye Clinic is a great place to go if you suffer from dry eyes. ...I am currently being treated by Dr. Dieter and am in the process of learning new ways to manage my dry eye symptoms. Dr. Dieter is a thoughtful person and will take the time to explain the mechanics of dry eye to you. I never feel rushed while at my appointments. I highly recommend Dry Eye Clinic. (J. Anderson)


Dr. Michael Dieter's clinic in Maple Grove Minnesota gave my mother's corneas new life, and restored some of the vision robbed by glaucoma drops that dried and left patches that she couldn't see though. Thank you Doctor!! She can read books again and her eyes are comfortable after years of irritation.   (T. Ford)


My amazing results at the Dry Eye Clinic:

"I have suffered with eye issues for 3 years. My condition declined into daily misery, even while seeing multiple OD's and MD's, and a visit to the Mayo Clinic. Just a few days after seeing Dr. Dieter, my condition started to improve. Within 3 weeks, I was almost symptom free. Today, after just 3 visits and a treatment regimen without steroids and other prescriptions, my eyes are 100% better. Dr. Dieter's approach is unique and focused on dry eye and its complications. He did an amazing job with my situation where many others couldn't."

(T. McCauley)