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Dry Eye Clinic, LLC

  "It's all we do!"


Get relief for your dry eyes!

Welcome to the Dry Eye Clinic. This practice is devoted exclusively to dry eye conditions. Like you, I was working through my dry eye problem. Symptoms of hot, dry, burning, gritty, stinging feelings left me little option than to daily pursue this with a passion.  The results have been good management of my own condition and help to others with this problem as well.  A variety of causes such as eye surgery, medicine side effects, autoimmune diseases, rosacea, seborrhea, and hormonal changes, to name a few, can bring about dry eye problems.  Our goal is to determine the source, type and severity, along with the best management plan for your condition. Come in for a consult and let us help you find relief for your dry eye condition.  "It's all we do."

"Explanation of Dry Eye Clinic, LLC"

The following points contrast differences between the Dry Eye Clinic and all other care providers concerning the diagnosis and management of dry eye disease.

1.) This is the only “stand alone” clinic with the sole and expressed purpose of   treating dry eye disease. Instead of offering a panacea of vision care in attempt to “be all things to all people,” the Dry Eye Clinic focuses on only one aspect of vision care – Dry Eye Disease. 

2.) There is no lure to the public for intentions of selling a product or making a profit from any means, such as the sale of glasses, contact lenses, or any relationship with surgery. The success of this clinic is from dry eye care alone.

3.) Belief determines behavior and theory determines therapy. At the foundational level of theory to dry eye disease, differences exist between the Dry Eye Clinic and other providers. It is the opinion of this clinic at least five errors exist in the published and accepted literature regarding the occurring processes in dry eye disease. These errors have diverted dry eye therapy to the current state of less than effective outcomes. In response, the Dry Eye Clinic has taken a different approach, with even the questions asked, tests taken, observations made, in office therapy used, procedures given and certainly – the therapy followed.

4.) Patients have often been to multiple providers prior to finding the Dry Eye Clinic. These prior experiences allow patients to contrast differences they feel and observe, to which they frequently make reference. For example, care of moderate and severe dry eye disease typically utilizes puncta plugs, Restasis and steroid eye drops. This clinic seldom uses these techniques, and considers each to be “sometimes helpful,” instead of core dry eye therapy. These differences are highlighted to assure future patients the care they receive will not be a repeat of what has already been tested and tried.

5.) Of all aspects of vision care, dry eye disease requires the most communication. Much time is needed to explain how the normal lacrimal system functions, how and why dysfunctions occur, the specifics of each patient’s condition, the severity and prognosis of their condition, what steps will be taken to overcome the condition, why these steps are used, and the time expected for results. Because of this, the Dry Eye Clinic invests extended communication time in each patient, for a good understanding of the disease and proper motivation to manage it.

6.) To accomplish all necessary aspects with a new patient, the first appointment requires at least 1 ½ hours. Apart from registration time, the patient will be with the doctor the entire visit, and no portion of the interview / case history, testing or therapy is delegated to a technician. Every aspect of the appointment is deemed important enough for the doctor to attend to in person. The result is a patient who will feel valued, understood, well informed and cared for by the end of the visit.


7.) A significant measure of immediate improvement is intended from the therapy session on the first appointment. This is in stark contrast to common therapy advised to require months before improvement is noted. This is not suggesting a cure to dry eye, nor does it undervalue improvements that come from continued therapy over time. The fact remains however, if a correct diagnosis has been made and therapy is appropriate, the patient will sense improvement immediately.

 8.) A motto further clarifies expectations of therapy from the Dry Eye Clinic: “If on the wrong track, time is the enemy, but if on the right track, time becomes our ally.” This explains what typically occurs with dry eye therapy. If incorrect therapy is used, the condition can worsen with time; if therapy is appropriate, time provides for further improvements. Once therapy begins, improvement is expected and as the patient continues with their daily therapy, further continual gains are noted.

9.) The policy of this clinic is to be paid for services only when proper testing is done, clear explanations are made, and effective therapy is experienced by patient. Only after this confidence has been gained from care received on the day of the initial exam and the decision has been made to proceed with therapy, is the patient expected to pay for services. Until that time, patients are under no obligation for payment. This policy is in place because of the confidence in care and desire to be most fair with patients. If other providers offer services even remotely similar to this arrangement, the Dry Eye Clinic is interested in learning of it.

10.) Four office visits are typically needed before patients are discharged; limited success is achieved with less. The end goal is homeostasis– a state of stability which allows a return to normal life with the minimum of dry eye symptoms. Understandably,  four visits do not encompass all dry eye patients, as some conditions are very severe, prolonged and multifaceted. With complex and severe dry eye patients, more time may be required to gain full consideration of all facets of the condition.


11.) The Dry Eye Clinic does not process insurance for patients or carriers. We do provide receipts and proper billing codes for the patient to submit to their insurance companies or health savings accounts.